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Stories of energy
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The first story

The trend of society is decarbonization; society demands a big change in climate protection and change will take place… there is a significant change in energy: resources are old, we must modernize and decarbonise them.
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How much will it all cost?

Annual investments in energy have historically exceeded CZK 70 billion. With the needs of decarbonisation, modernization, investment will increase even more - the lowest investment requires the Best estimate variant, where there is source diversification. It turns out that for decarbonization around 80% (Best estimate variant) investments similar to today's ones are enough, for decarbonization to the level of 95% a significant increase is necessary.
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Decarbonisation favors small resources

The resources are old and we need to decarbonise - low energy will be significantly more advantageous than today. The resources operated today are old and fossil, their modernization is not worth it; new (non-fossil) must be built. In the future, there will be a great demand for new production resources. RES will not be enough, sources burning natural gas will also be needed.
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