With what you The EGÚ will help

We count on energy… To make energy pay off!

With what you The EGÚ will help

We count on energy… To make energy pay off!

70 years of experience
We have helped energy to the world - we help its development.
inhouse commodity price outlooks
We do not copy the average.
inhouse detailed model of energy operation in the Czech Republic
Embedded in CEE and EU.
we solve the whole energy sector in an interconnected way
Electric power industry - heating industry - gas industry - transport.
we solve energy throughout the chain
From customers through networks, trade to resources and mining.
  • Do you want to save energy? Do you want to invest? Don’t know what pays off the most?
  • We will create an energy solution for you – so that energy pays off for you.
  • We are not afraid of any assignment in the field of energy consulting.
  • We do not prefer any technologies or manufacturers – we support your profit.
  • We understand energy – we are not a universal consulting agency.
  • Our clients can be: consumers, producers of heat, electricity, companies, cities, interest groups and others…
  • We create price outlooks, development concepts, connectivity studies.

Energy consulting

Although we are not afraid of any assignment from energy consulting, we select typical projects:

  • Choose your energy future with us – creating the concept of energy company, enterprise, city – design of meaningful variants, various combinations of equipment according to the amount of investment, profitability and total cumulative profitability – we will find the most valuable alternative for you.
  • Get it processed argumentation for negotiations with the state administration, with clients, for lobbying – our data and calculations are valued and bulletproof.
  • Analyzes and concepts of the development of the whole energy sector or its part – often for the state sphere or professional organizations (electric power industry, gas industry, steel industry, heating industry…).

Electric and gas networks – studies of connections, effects on the network, connectivity, reliability

  • Let yourself represent when connecting your source – study of connectivity of sources – from photovoltaics to large power plants or heating plants.
  • Let yourself represent when connecting your consumption – consumption connectivity studies – from business consumption, through industrial batteries, technological consumption to large manufacturing companies.
  • We will assess you for negotiations with distributors influence of connected devices on the network – we will discuss it with them and suggest possible measures for a successful connection.
  • We analyze the operation of electricity and gas networks – we analyze their reliability, we propose the need for development.

Measurement, diagnostics and production in electrical networks

  • We perform measurements in energy operations at the customer.
  • We analyze problem situations in energy operations and propose solutions.
  • We provide consulting services in the analysis of measured data.
  • Get the condition of your transformer found out – we perform gas chromatographic diagnostics of transformers.

Research and development projects

  • Solved research and development projects – The company EGÚ Brno, a. S., Is the recipient of support within the research and development programs, specifically OP EIC, TA CR, TRIO and EFEKT (there must be a click here).
  • Consultations on research and development projects – we provide consulting and advisory services for applications for scientific research projects, especially in the fields of electricity, gas and heating, both in the technical and administrative fields.

Event / project management and workshops

  • We coordinate projects across departments and for a large number of participating entities. We will be happy to help you with the organization and administration of projects and with ensuring the activities of working groups.
  • We organize workshops and training tailored to the client’s requirements, especially in the fields of electricity, heating and gas. We will adjust the focus of the workshop in terms of topic, scope and venue.
  • Our services do not end with a technical solution. We provide modern facilities, audiovisual equipment and catering for our clients.