Production and Measurement

Research and Development

Programming and Software Development

AlgorithmOur team of experienced programmers, analysts, and mathematicians is able to design an algorithm resulting in a comprehensive solution to your problem. Our strength is in the use of well-established programming languages and tools such as C ++, Matlab, Delphi, and PHP.
Software CustomisationWe are able to adapt our work precisely to the customer’s requirements, which entails the use of simulation tools and models tailored to the analysis requirements. The applications used in EGÚ Brno, are developed directly by our experts. For more information, contact Lukáš Mařica.

Event/project management and workshops

Project ManagementWe coordinate projects across energy sectors for a large number of participating entities. We will be happy to help you with the organisation and administration of your project and management of the activities of your working groups.
WorkshopsWe organise workshops and trainings tailored to the client’s requirements, especially in electricity, heating, and gas fields. We will adjust the focus of the workshop in terms of topic, scope, and venues.
Event ManagementOur services do not end with a technical solution. We provide modern facilities, audio-visual equipment and catering for our clients. For more information, contact Tomáš Špaček.

Maps and Scheme Production

Atmospheric icing mapsWe also process maps of atmospheric icing in the Czech Republic. For more information, contact Petr Lehký.