• EGÚ Brno, a. s., is a leading independent consulting company in the energy industry of the Czech Republic.
  • We offer background of a stable company – firstly the Academy of Sciences, a research institute from 1951, and the joint stock company since 1992.
  • We perform research and development in energy industry.
  • We provide specialized technical analyses with overlaps into economics, environmental and social areas.
  • We develop a system of models for solving a wide range of problems in energy industry.
  • We have a unique, constantly updated database of the Czech Republic energy industry.
  • We participate in workgroup meetings of CIRED, CIGRE, WEC, COST, IWAIS, IEEE, EURELECTRIC, …
  • We are in continuous contact with the energy industry.
  • We provide our customers with expertise, flexibility, innovation, continuity of work and independent perspective.

Not only we do research energy industry, we are part of it.