Consultancy Services

Our clients are our partners – we are ready to solve your individual problems of energy industry and related fields. Each contract is designed according to our partner and in close relation to the customer requirements.


We provide:
research, operational analysis, conceptual studies, case studies, forecasting, system modelling, economic and investment analysis, analysis of environmental impacts


We focus on:

  • Electricity industry: electricity demand, source base, transmission and distribution, measurements, new technologies
  • Gas industry: demand for gas, withdrawal, transportation and supply, pipeline infrastructure, storage
  • Heating industry: heat demand, heat sources, heat distribution
  • Fuel economy

Our service is not limited only to technical solution. We have experience in organizing and administration of projects and in supporting the activities of the working groups:

  • We are able to coordinate projects across departments for a large number of participating entities
  • We provide modern facilities
  • We provide audiovisual equipment and catering
  • We prepare a professional reports or other outputs to customer needs
  • We give presentations of the results at professional forums and according to the client’s needs

For more information, please contact our expert guarantee Zdeňek Vala.