The Studnice stand, built in the late 1970s, is intended for atmospheric icing monitoring and research. The stand is located in the locality with the most frequent occurrence of atmospheric icing in the Czech Republic in medium positions. In this locality, atmospheric icing measurements on measuring rods have been carried out continuously since 1940, which is the longest series of atmospheric icing measurements in the world.

Measurement of atmospheric icing in these extreme climatic conditions is performed in the following areas:

  • measurement of atmospheric icing at different heights above the ground (problems of height gradient of atmospheric icing increase)
  • atmospheric icing measurement on bare and insulated conductors
  • measurement of atmospheric icing on measuring rods of different diameters
  • measurement of atmospheric icing on ropes
  • development and testing of new methods and automatic instruments for measuring the weight of atmospheric icing
  • performing special mechanical tests of line components
  • testing of new technologies (warning buoys, barriers against birds landing, etc.)

The measurement results are used not only in energy (e.g. the creation of standards) but also in other areas, such as construction, forestry organisation, design activities, etc.