MSPES is our simulation energy network model for calculations and analyses of conditions in electrical networks of all voltage levels for the current state and future expected operating modes. The model is compatible with system MAES. The model enables calculations of steady-state load flow in basic running order, non-standard operating modes, and automated reliability control according to the criterion (N-1), including a combination of failures of several network elements. It could simulate various modes of voltage regulation, regulation of active power in selected areas, and analysis of voltage and short-circuit conditions. All simulations can be done automatically, for example, in a clock series of 8760 hours per year.

The analysis and evaluation are performed in connection with the Transmission and Distribution System Codes. The result of the analysis is an assessment of electrical conditions in the solved operating conditions, an indication of bottlenecks, and an evaluation of network operation reliability.

The system is not intended for sale. It is used exclusively by our internal team to facilitate our projects and research and development.