MAES is a complex model system for simulation of technical and economic processes in an electrical network, and it is linked to our database of the Czech and European energy systems. The model development is reflecting technological and organisational changes in energy systems. The current version is focusing on detailed modelling of market business processes.
MAES could be used for solutions of system aspects and the solution of specific customer assignments.

MAES description:

  • addresses the technical circumstances of the electric power system operation – development of consumption, reliability of baseload operation, fuel base, ecological aspects of the operation, operation of networks, decomposition of loads into networks, technological links,
  • models the electricity market and ancillary services,
  • simulates the market and operation of the electricity sources, in market-based, partially deregulated and centrally controlled energy systems,
  • using an extensive database with detailed structure and parameters of the Czech and neighbouring countries’ energy systems, it results in high validity.

The system is not intended for sale. It is used exclusively by our internal team to facilitate our projects and research and development.