Our know-how

MAES – simulation model of the processes in the power system

A comprehensive simulation model system of the technical and economic processes in the power system. The system is being continually developed in response to technical and organizational changes in the energy industry. It is used for solutions of both the system point of view and specific customer requirements. The current version is focused on detailed market modeling. MAES incorporates power system database of the Czech republic and CEE region.

Unique database of the Czech Republic power system and European power systems

Our company is maintaining and regularly updating a detailed database of the electricity and gas system of the Czech Republic and Europe.

Stend Studnice – measurement of the ice formation since 1940

Stend Studnice, built in the late 70s, is designed to monitor and research of the ice formation. Stend is located in the area with the highest icing occurrence in the Czech Republic at medium altitudes. In this location, a measurement of icing on the measuring rods is being held continuously since 1940, making it the longest series of measurements of the ice formation in the world.

Testing Area at the substation Sokolnice – mechanical tests

Tensile loads and destructive tests of wood, concrete and metal poles, lattice towers, crossbeams, safety handles, various components, etc. tests can be done in this testing area. In the outdoor testing area, various mechanical tests, of all static, dynamic and cyclical nature, in a load range from 0 to 100 kN can be done.

DGA laboratory – analyses of gases in transformer oil

EGÚ Brno, a. s. laboratory is a member of the Asociace zkušeben vysokého napětí (AZVN) and in 2010 underwent modernization. The laboratory is focused on the Dissolved gas analysis (DGA), especially of the network transformers in the transmission grid of 400 kV and 220 kV and in the HV transformers used within the PVs.