EGÚ Brno 1951–2018

The history of energy expert workplace in Brno begins in 1950. At that time, a group of workers of the research department of the n. p. Západomoravská power plant merged with the research group working in the field of High Voltage Engineering of the Department of Theoretical and Experimental Electrical Engineering of the Brno University of Technology. This created Brno branch of the Energy Research Institute, which was one of several research institutes of the Czechoslovak energy industry.

In the period between 1951–1989, Brno workplace was branch of the national institute:

  • 1951–1957 Výzkumný ústav pro výrobu, rozvod a použití energie (Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Tanvald)
  • 1957–1987 Výzkumný ústav energetický (Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Běchovice)
  • 1987–1989 Výzkumný ústav energetický, s. p.

Since 1990, Brno branch became standalone company:

  • 1990–1992 Výzkumný ústav energetický Brno, s. p.
  • 1992–2000 EGÚ Energetický ústav Brno, a. s.
  • 2000–2018 EGÚ Brno, a. s.

Brno workplace is, throughout its existence, engaged in the studies, that determined and still determine directions and overall development of the Czechoslovak and Czech energy industry:

  • 1958–1987: the concept of the transmission network of the Czech republic development (220 and 400 kV)
  • 1990–1993: study of the CENTREL connectivity to the UCPTE system(Feasibility Study)
  • 2008–2016: new technologies in energetics
  • 2001–2018: Anticipated Long-term Balance between the Supply and Demand of Electricity and Gas

A complete list of significant references can be found here.

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