Our company has a long maintained and regularly updated comprehensive collection of data on the Czech Republic and Europe’s electricity and gas system.

Czech electrical network database:

  • detailed data on transmission and distribution system network elements
  • detailed information on all sources connected to the Czech electricity system
  • information on interstate interconnection
  • information on electricity consumption (sectoral, territorial)

European electrical network database:

  • detailed data on the transmission system network elements
  • information about resources connected to the transmission network
  • information on interstate interconnection

Gas network database:

  • detailed data on the gas network of the Czech Republic (transit, domestic transmission system, distribution network)
  • detailed information on domestic gas extraction
  • information on gas consumption in the Czech Republic (by sector, territory)
  • information on transit gas pipelines in European countries and on the territory of the former USSR

The database is not intended for commercial sale. It is used as entry data for our projects and analyses for commercial contracts and research and development.