Company Structure

The company has a classical vertical structure combined with horizontally driven ad-hoc project teams.

Company Bodies

  • Statutory Director
    Zdeněk Špaček
  • Administrative Board
    Zdeněk Špaček – chairman
    Zděnek Vala – member
    Jan Tejkal – member

Company Director

  • Zdeněk Vala


  • Tomáš Špaček

Expert Departments and Departments Directors

  • Electric Power System Operation and Development Department
    Jiří Procházka
  • Electrical Networks Department
    Petr Lehký
  • Instrumentation, Measuring and Diagnostics Department
    Luděk Salajka

Economics, Finance and Trade Department

  • Chief Financial Officer
    Jan Špondr

Facility management Department

  • Vladěna Sendlerová

IT Administraion Department

  • Jiří Horna

Quality and Environment

  • Otakar Daniel

Company Representatives

  • Zdeněk Špaček
  • Zdeněk Vala
  • Tomáš Špaček

They sign documents separately so that to their name, function in the company and a stamp or company name, they attach their signature.


For those interested in detailed information about EGÚ Brno, a. s., the certificate of incorporation is available.